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Dailey Innovations is a full-service consulting firm supporting professionals and start-up companies move their business forward through professional resume writing services, interview coaching and business consulting to ensure long-term success. 

​We pride ourselves on delivering professional, responsive, personalized and quality services in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible.



Prepare ambitious job seekers for a successful job search.

Cultivate a proactive perspective to accelerate your career.


To prepare ambitious job seekers in pursuit of employment opportunities for success by branding their corporate identity in the form of professional résume writing and/or interview coaching.

At Dailey Innovations Consulting Group, we aim to prepare you with the job readiness tools you need to achieve optimum success by branding your professional identity in the form of résume writing and/or interview coaching applying extensive knowledge of career services and business management.


"After 10 years in Human Resources,

I've finally found my niche!"

As a Human Resources Specialist responsible for talent acquisition efforts, I've witnessed far too many unprepared applicants attend interviews where untrainable talent was hired over trainable talent with equal commitment levels.

"My passion lies in helping people succeed."

To address this deficiency in the recruitment process, I built an affordable professional résumé writing service that provides recruiters with exactly what they're searching for in the 15 seconds it takes to capture their attention and advance you to the next step:




We tell you what you need to know, not everything there is to know.



All products are created from scratch. You'll never receive a generic template from us.


We've established a reputation of honesty and integrity that clients value and appreciate.

When we're done, you'll feel confident with a résumé that represents YOU!

We believe in investing time in our clients. Contact us for concerns anytime.

Does your résume work FOR you or AGAINST you?

Get started today with a FREE consultation.

Learn how our products and services can help you achieve optimum success in your job search, plus get a quote and enjoy the ease of working with us!

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