Interview Coaching Session (Part 2)

Interview Coaching Session (Part 2)


Prerequisite: Individual Coaching Session (part 1)


When it comes to your interview performance, you have to focus on more than just what you say, but also how you say it. In fact, you could give all the right answers, yet if your body language says otherwise, it’s not going to make a favorable impression.


During the mock interview, we apply the lessons learned during the Interview Coaching Session and provide constructive feedback. We recommend allowing at least two days between sessions so you can properly prepare for the mock interview session in full attire.

  • Prerequisite Details

    Our mock interview session is intended to be purchased in combination with our initial interview coaching session. If purchased on its own, you may not achieve the desired, effective results.

  • Payment and Refund Policy

    Client consultation or coaching, writing, and/or editorial services, design, layout, editing and proofreading, and finalization of such documents are intellectual property and take a significant amount of time to prepare and complete which cannot be recouped.

    Therefore, full payment is required before any drafts are developed or provided to client to prevent any pirating of completed work to date. Fees for consultation, information-gathering, preparation of career documents or coaching services are non-refundable once project work has begun, as Dailey Innovations provides custom services for each client.

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