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What is a Resume?

It's MORE than a work history!

  •  It is your LASER-FOCUSED personal marketing brochure

  •  It is your statement of VALUE or BENEFIT to potential employers

  •  It is a collection of TARGETED and RELEVANT information

  •  It is the highlight reel of your ACCOMPLISHMENTS and contributions


As Professional Resume Writers we are there to help you and know the qualities and skills that an employer looks for in selecting a candidate to interview. We help you through identifying and eliminating killers on your resume that may hinder you from success and utilize proven principles that make the difference between your interview invitation or being ghosted.

You only get ONE SHOT at making a great first impression and a first impression is everything when it comes to job hunting. Finding a job is much harder than it used to be. The market has changed, there are new technologies involved and you need more than just a good resume to get noticed. Minimally, you need a great resume that differentiates you from others. Then you have to optimize your LinkedIn Profile for specific keywords so you can be found (95% of employers will verify you on LinkedIn before they contact you). 

Our resumes have been proven to reduce the time to secure a new job by over 50%! It doesn’t hurt to add that our prices are generally less than those charged by other resume writers either.

Get in touch with our writers today to move your business forward.

Are You Prepared?


How many times have you left an interview pumped thinking "NAILED IT" or felt that because the conversation was going well "THEY LIKE ME" but still didn't receive the job offer? ​Don't give recruiters any ammunition to disqualify your talent. ACE YOUR INTERVIEW with the guidance of our Interview Coaching support. 

If you hesitate, stumble over your words searching for an answer or show signs of anxiety answering any of the above, you may need assistance preparing for your interview. Lastly, you should always have at least 3 questions prepared to ask.


Detailed preparation for any interview is the key to success and being offered the position. 

The days of “winging it” are long over as the tactics of employers and recruiters used today are both complex and process driven. Arm yourself with strategies to create a lasting impression and interview exceptionally. Our consultants can help you prepare professionally for a range of interview formats such as:

  •  Face to face

  •  Panel

  •  Telephone

  •  Online digital/video


Our personalized interview coaching will assist you to perform at your best every time to be the "most outstanding candidate". We'll cover everything from how to prepare for an interview, to the types of questions you may encounter and what you should be asking as well.

Interview Coaching sessions are by appointment only.

Your employees and candidates are not alike, so why treat them that way?


Working in close partnership with our clients, we develop the best improvement plan for your industry offering counsel and guidance concerning all aspects of human resource issues to leaders and employees.


Whether you're a start-up trying to streamline your onboarding methods or a medium-sized company struggling with operational efficiency, we can help. Your business process and systems are constantly exposed to changes in the market whether those changes are internal or customer driven. These changes tend to impact the business in more ways than one.

Our business consulting services are designed to help companies find favorable solutions to achieve operational efficiency, strategic growth, and long-term stability. We advise on a wide variety of issues involving the workforce from establishing a company policies and procedures to addressing compliance matters as applicable with laws regarding their employees. We'll even go so far as assessing the current structure and making recommendations for reorganizing a departments leadership structure.

Regardless of the reason for their consulting efforts, the goal is always the same: to leave the company with an efficient and productive HR department.
Business Consulting sessions are by appointment only.

Making an Impression,

Before the first Handshake!

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